Kiseme Kasongo is an African refugee who has found great satisfaction through her employment with TURN Community Services. This is her story.

Coming from Africa, I have been working in a TURN care facility since my arrival. At TURN, I have been embraced as family and I am grateful for all the benefits I have received. My passion working at TURN is the people. I have worked with great people and it is a privilege to be here for a long time. My strength is my caring nature, friendly persona, professional training and experience to ensure that I provide the best care possible. TURN has helped me reach my goal to achieve. I love my work and look forward to being here for a long time.

I am well-versed in helping the patients in their routine activities, like feeding, bathing and grooming. I am a keen learner and have the ability to remain calm in emergency situations. I have enjoyed working with my Coordinator; their ability to help me achieve my goal and be able to have a place I call work. The people skills I have learned assist me in boosting residents’ morale and to maintain their dignity even in times of physical distress.

At the Heart of Our Community are people like Kiseme Kasongo who dedicate their lives to serving others and organizations like TURN Community Services.

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It’s what makes our community great!

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