Jonette Hardy likes playing with cats. As a client of TURN Community Services, she is also able to give back to her community by volunteering at the St. George Animal Shelter’s “cat room.” The cat room may house as many as 30 cats at a time, so keeping it clean for the animals is essential. For more than 13 years, Hardy has arrived every Wednesday morning to help with the cleaning of the animals’ housing, in addition to spending time with the cats and kittens. When asked what motivated her to volunteer at the shelter, her response was simple: “I like playing with the cats!”

The St. George Animal Shelter is a facility owned and operated by the city. As a “no-kill” shelter, meaning euthanasia is reserved for animals that are either terminally ill or deemed a threat to public safety, the facility’s ultimate goal is to place owner-surrendered or stray animals into good homes through pet adoptions. However, they can’t do it alone.

Along with community support and partnerships with animal welfare organizations, the shelter’s volunteers provide vital loving care to dogs and cats. This care increases the animals’ chances of finding a new home, because animals that appear happy and healthy have a higher chance of being adopted. The St. George Animal Shelter celebrates the dedicated volunteers who donate their time and talents to improve the lives of many furry little friends. Our thanks to the St. George Animal Shelter for the good they do for animals, and for providing meaningful opportunities for local citizens like Jonette!

At the Heart of Our Community are individuals like Jonette Hardy and organizations like TURN Community Services that support people of all ages with disabilities who live in the community or in their family’s homes through supported employment, mental health counseling, day programs and group homes.

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It’s what makes our community great!

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