There is no question in the mind of anyone who knows 27-year-old Garrison that he loves sports, especially football and basketball. Garrison loves the Utah Jazz and this year he loves Golden State. He even received a Stephen Curry shirt for Christmas! Garrison’s favorite football team is the Denver Broncos, and Peyton Manning is his favorite player on the Broncos. And then, the Broncos won the Super Bowl! It’s the BEST!

Garrison Thalman 2Garrison is the bell ringer for the Richfield High School Football team, so he rings a big bell whenever Richfield scores a touchdown. He has been helping the Richfield football team since he was a freshman in high school. Each morning when Garrison is picked up for his Day Program, he makes sure that our staff knows if his teams won or lost and where the games were played. Garrison is always asking his peers and his staff if they are having a good day. He loves to help his peers with anything they need help with. Garrison is a wonderful person and TURN is so lucky to have him in the Day Program in Richfield!

At the Heart of Our Community are individuals like Garrison and organizations like the TURN Day Programs, which provide a daily “home base” for people with developmental disabilities to learn and grow together. The centers serve individuals in a social/recreational setting and provide opportunities for group activities and community inclusion.

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It’s what makes our community great!

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