Mitchell Glassman was 25 years old and had never had an independent job. He was getting services from DSPD and had been in several other help assistance programs, but he was never successful in finding employment. In November of 2015 he came to TURN Community Services from Vocational Rehabilitation hoping that they could help him. Living in the small town of Toquerville, in southern Utah, made his job search extra difficult. In late January, TURN was able to find Mitchell an opportunity in neighboring Hurricane at Muddy Bees Bakery. It was a perfect fit for Mitchell.

Mitchell Glassman 1When asked what his job means to him, Mitchell simply says, “Everything!” Cory, the owner of Muddy Bees, says that Mitchell is a great employee and they love having him there. Mitchell does the dishes, cleans equipment, operates the bread-slicing machine and cleans up wherever needed. Mitchell has exceeded expectations at the bakery. He is very happy that his dream of having a job has come true!

At the Heart of Our Community are people like Mitchell, supportive employers like Muddy Bees, and organizations like TURN Supported Employment where they help individuals find jobs that match their capabilities and their goals, learn skills necessary to make them valuable and responsible employees, and form meaningful and supportive networks of co-workers and employers. TURN also administers work crews and enclaves that perform janitorial, kitchen and assembly work at customer worksites. TURN teams up with Vocational Rehabilitation and Workforce Services to serve eligible participants in each of their communities.

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It’s what makes our community great!

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