I can hardly believe I have spent over half my life working for TURN! I started supporting people with disabilities when I was in high school. My guidance counselor thought it would be a good experience for me, after I got into a little trouble in school; little did she know she was introducing me to something I would love and spend many years doing!

Fiona Hildebrant 2I have worked in the day-program setting for my entire 25 years with TURN. This has been an amazing experience. It has given me opportunities to work with large numbers of people who have varying needs and personalities. I love the challenge of trying to find creative and effective ways to support each person as an individual, as well as getting to know each family and the staff from other providers. Even after 25 years, there are no boring days!

I worked for a couple of different providers before finding TURN. I knew when I found TURN that it would be a lasting experience for me. The people I was working with became more than just co-workers and administrators. They were people that had similar ideas to what I felt was truly important in life and how I wanted to spend my time. Together we helped the people we were supporting to have a better quality of life and to reach for their dreams. I found the culture of TURN to be a place where I could grow and where my experiences, thoughts and ideas were valued and listened to. I am proud to say that I think I made a good decision because I can say these things are still true, even after all the changes the last 25 years have brought!

At the Heart of Our Community are dedicated and selfless people like Fiona and programs like TURN Community Services. TURN was founded in 1973 by parents of children with disabilities who were seeking community alternatives to institutionalization.

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It’s what makes our community great!

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