Heart of Our Community would like to express appreciation to the Utah Community Action Program for sharing inspiring client success stories from their six holistic programs: Early Head Start/Head Start, Nutrition, Adult Education, Weatherization, HEAT, and Case Management and Housing. Since 1965, they have served community members in the Salt Lake and Tooele Counties and now, with a new name, service area expansion, new partnerships and new opportunities. They will continue to provide high-quality services for the most vulnerable and underserved members of our community.

“The banking community is such a pillar for the work that we do.  Through their advocacy, advisement, leadership and investments, they strengthen our agency’s ability to serve our clients and empower them to move on the path to self-sufficiency.” — Joni Clark, Chief Development Officer

At the Heart of Our Community are organizations like Utah Community Action Program, their staff and the individuals that they serve. Click below to be part of their mission.

To volunteer: www.slcap.org/volunteer

To donate: www.slcap.org/donate

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