Utah Community Action is proud of the extremely qualified and passionate staff they hire. An agency with over 450 current employees, UCA values the time and commitment of their most dedicated staff. We would like to take this time to highlight the accomplishments of one of their most tenured and appreciated staff members, Nancy Hobbs, who will retire in July 2016.

Nancy Hobbs started with UCA in 1986 and has provided services in a variety of roles and positions, including accounting, administrative assistant, center director, program manager, operation manager, and supervising center directors. Currently she oversees the Head Start recruitment, marketing and reporting team, ERSEA, as the program design and management manager. Furthermore, Nancy knows our programs intimately as she was a proud Head Start parent and grandparent.

Over her 20 years of service, Nancy has played an instrumental role in advancing the services UCA provides, including working alongside Hal J. Schultz in implementing new policies allowing Head Start to buy their own facilities. She is UCA’s go-to historian on all things Head Start, and has been a key resource in the implementation of programmatic and agency-wide transitions.

In addition to her tremendous work, Nancy is simply a joy to be around. She is a great listener who remains calm amidst chaos, and is known for her approachability, non-judgmental attitude and genuine kindness toward all those she encounters.

Utah Community Action wishes Nancy the very best with her new chapter in life. We hope she fills her days of retirement with all the things she loves the most: her family, baseball and the New York Yankees. Thank you for your dedication and service to your community, Nancy. We love you and will miss you!

At the Heart of Our Community are incredible individuals like Nancy Hobbs who are committed to improving the lives of others and make it possible for organizations like Utah Community Action Program to reach its goals.

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It’s what makes our community great.

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