Heart of Our Community would like to express appreciation to the Guadalupe School dedicated to “Transforming Lives through Education”.

Guadalupe School is a community of students, staff and volunteers who believe that education is the greatest tool to end the cycle of poverty. This month Heart of the Community shared the stories of Kyle Price the United Way Director at the School whose life path was changed when he volunteered at the school, Wendy Juarez, a parent volunteer, who found that volunteering at the school not only improved her life but significantly impacted her children’s success, Chris Keates, who gained a new understanding of communication as he taught adults from many countries how to speak English and function in an English speaking environment, and finally Braden, a charter school student given the tools he needed to reach his potential.

CALL TO ACTION: If you enjoyed these stories and would like to help, visit the Guadalupe School website at http://www.guadschool.org/see-how-you-make-a-difference.html to see how you can make a difference with your financial support or your time.

Utah’s banks are major supporters of the Guadalupe School through volunteer efforts, board service and financial support.

Guadalupe School, with the support of Utah’s Banks and other generous benefactors, is truly at the Heart of Our Community.


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