Wendy was excited that her kids were able to participate in the programs at Guadalupe School. Despite their challenges as immigrants, the beautiful school offered the opportunity for her kids to have all the resources they needed for success.

When the school asked for her help as a volunteer, Wendy readily agreed. “This is my first year at Guadalupe School. At first I was a little scared; it was a big change for my kids. So my motivation was to get involved and get to know the teachers and the school because this is where my kids were going to be. My child’s teacher first asked me to help out three days a week, so I started helping out as much as I could. As I helped out, I noticed that my child needed more help in math and reading. That’s what helped me notice what was going on with my children. Helping in the classroom allowed me to see what their needs were and help them get better at those needs. As I helped out more, I noticed that my kids were getting better in the subjects they were lacking in because I was able to help. I also participate in English classes here at the school, and it helps me a lot to be here at the school so that I can practice English with the teachers.”

One of the things that make Guadalupe’s early-learning programs and charter school unique is parent volunteerism in the school. Guadalupe School makes a big deal of volunteerism because they know that children succeed when families are involved in their educational goals.

At the heart of our community are parents like Wendy Juarez and Guadalupe School where a wide range of programs ensure that students from the most disadvantaged segment of the population will achieve success.

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It’s parent volunteers like Wendy Juarez that make our community great!

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