Guadalupe School is an independent, non-profit organization that meets the needs of its students through five successful research-driven programs. Their programs serve students from birth through the sixth grade in the 84104 and 84116 zip codes. Some of the programs offered are adult English as a second language classes, family literacy and US Citizenship, Guadalupe Public Charter School, Early Learning Center designed to work with children and their families from birth to five, as well as preschool and other early childhood education programs.

Guadalupe School serves a unique niche in our community. Demographic data predict that their students are at a high risk of academic failure because of the combined factors: 100% live in poverty, 94% are minority, 70% are English Language Learners and 5% are homeless. Living in poverty, students face many barriers that traditional students often do not have to face. These barriers include: lack of exposure to books, language barriers, lack of stability in their lives, and a lack of academic role models. The goal of Guadalupe School is to break the cycle of poverty through a variety of interventions and programs. This month, Heart of Our Community focuses on some of the students, volunteers and staff.

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