Heart of Our Community would like to express appreciation to the Fourth Street Clinic for sharing the stories of the individuals who have dedicated their lives to providing health care for the homeless and others in need. Natalie, who’s superstar smile greets new patients as they walk through the door, Phuong whose goal is to make every client feel special as he dispenses critical medications, Dr. Ron Kehl, the dentist, who literally makes it possible for his patients to share a smile, and Melissa, the Clinic Operations Manager who keeps it all together by turning chaos into calm. All of these individuals make it possible for clients like Dennis Suazo to get the critical support and care to change their lives.

CALL TO ACTION: If you enjoyed these stories and would like to help, visit the Fourth Street Clinic website at http://www.fourthstreetclinic.org/support-us. You will find opportunities to volunteer, for service projects, in-kind donations as well as a link for financial donations.

Fourth Street Clinic appreciates the support that the banking community is able to provide through board service, financial support and volunteer efforts. – Katherine Riser, Marketing and PR Manager.

Fourth Street Clinic, with the support of Utah’s Banks and other generous benefactors, is truly at the Heart of Our Community.

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