For more than 27 years, Fourth Street Clinic has helped homeless Utahns improve their health and quality of life by providing high-quality health care and support services. By increasing homeless Utahns’ access to primary care, Fourth Street Clinic is a major partner in promoting community health, ending homelessness and achieving across-the-board health care savings.

Founded in 1988, Fourth Street Clinic began as a triage clinic staffed with one part-time nurse who relied heavily on hospitals for patient treatments. Today, with a staff of 50 and a volunteer network that contributes 8,289 service hours per year, Fourth Street Clinic is an AAHC Patient Center Medical Home that serves over 4,700 homeless men, women and children with over 30,000 medical, mental health, dental, substance abuse and case management visits. This month, Heart of Our Community focuses on a few of the heroes at Fourth Street Clinic.

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