Beginning in March Heart of Our Community is shifting our focus slightly to focus on the non-profit organizations that make our community great. We will still be sharing weekly heart-warming stories of individuals served by these incredible organizations, but will also include some extended information about the organization itself and provide details about how you can get involved.

This month we are focusing on the Utah Microenterprise Loan Fund (UMLF). Over the past twenty years, the Utah Microenterprise Loan Fund has worked in partnership with members of Utah’s financial banking community to help launch or expand more than 900 small businesses across the state.

With loans ranging from $1,000-$25,000 UMLF helps people with low to moderate incomes supplement their earnings. UMLF has helped women find the flexibility they need to balance their work and families, worked with child care providers to increase the number of children they are able to have in their care. They have also helped minorities, immigrants and people who have been injured in the workplace find economic security through ownership and operation of their own small businesses.

Whether a small business is a sole source of income or a crucial supplement, Utah microenterprise loans help provide the necessary capital to put individuals and families on the road to greater self-sufficiency. Working together with their clients and financial partners to build healthier families, stronger communities and most of all — brighter futures.

UMLF borrowers have proven that great things can be accomplished with a modest loan.  With an average loan size of $15,068, over 910 loans represent an injection of over $13.6 million into the small business community.

Over the past five years:

  • Over 61% of borrowers have been women.
  • Over 26% of borrowers have been minorities.
  • Over 54% of borrowers have been new start-up businesses.
  • Over 52% of borrowers have been home-based businesses.
  • Over 70% of borrowers have been in the low/moderate income population.

At the heart of our community are non-profit organizations like UMLF. For more information visit their website at

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