Jamie 2 SMEven kids with cancer need a place to be kids! Despite the ravages of cancer, kids at Camp Hobé, play field games, ride the zip line, and sing camp songs each night by the campfire. Every camper there is either fighting their own cancer, helping their sibling to fight cancer, or has had a sibling die from cancer. You’d think they’d be a pretty somber group, but they are NOT. Rather they are inspirational in their energy and enthusiasm as they fight through the side effects of chemotherapy or struggle to climb an inflatable slide with their one remaining leg. Most inspirational of all is the love and support that they provide to one another through hugs, smiles and friendship.

Jamie Seale is part of the medical team at Camp Hobe. She and her team make sure that campers get their medications, aren’t showing signs of a life threatening infection, make them rest when they are tired, and help them clean up after they have been sick. However, that’s not the memories that Jamie keeps from camp. “I remember that I begin and end each day with the sound of children’s laughter. Children who were getting painful radiation or chemotherapy treatments the week before; children who wait at home wondering if their sibling will be ok; children who don’t know what next week holds; children who live life like we all should – by cherishing every minute!!”

At the Heart of Our Community are people like Jamie and organizations like Camp Hobé where the goal is to allow severely ill kids and their siblings to play outside with other children, to discover the joy and freedom of being away from the confines of the hospital, and to temporarily displace the fears that the future holds. This is their chance—sometimes their only chance—to “just be kids” and to escape the grown-up realities they face every day.

It’s what makes Our Community great!

For more information about the programs at Camp Hobé and to donate or volunteer visit http://www.camphobekids.org/helphobe.html

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