Audrey 2Audrey was able to supplement her retirement income with the fruits of her labors in the garden. For years she had planted a large and plentiful garden that lasted her through the winter by canning and freezing her harvest. She loved getting her hands dirty and the satisfaction she gained from the independence gardening provided. As she aged, managing her large garden became more difficult, until one year it was completely overgrown with weeds. She was saddened by the fact that some of the time it was even difficult to harvest what little she could grow. Audrey really missed her garden.  

EmilyEmily Hayes, a millennial pharmacist who had moved to Utah from Nebraska was looking for a way to get involved in the community that allowed her to be outside, meet new people and learn new skills. She found what she was looking for in the Green Urban Lunch Box’s BackFarms program. Soon Emily was assigned to volunteer each week with Audrey. With Emily’s hard work and Audrey’s knowledge it wasn’t long until Audrey’s yard was again transformed into a beautiful and thriving garden and a lasting friendship was formed. Plus, they were able to share their ample harvest throughout the year.

At the Heart of Our Community are people like Audrey and Emily and programs like the Green Urban Lunchbox’s BackFarms initiative where the goal is to eliminate food insecurity for the elderly residents of Salt Lake City by making vegetables affordable and easily accessible. Currently, BackFarms has 22 gardens, serves 29 local senior citizens, and educates 25 volunteer garden apprentices. They reach thousands of households with the vegetables they donate from these gardens. It’s what makes our community great. For more information about Green Urban Lunchbox’s programs or to volunteer or donate visit

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