JedediahOn an early spring day in March 2015 Life Flight was landing in Jed Beckstead’s back yard and he knew that his life was forever changed. Earlier that morning he and his two daughters, Ava and Breeana, had headed out to the back yard for a morning trounce on the trampoline. Life was so good. He and his wife Traci had just days earlier discovered that they were expecting a baby together. In a playful mood, Jed attempted to mount the trampoline in front-somersault fashion. Unfortunately, it was at that moment that his bad shoulder gave out and he fell — just three feet — but landed squarely on his head. Jed knew his fate instantly — no movement, difficulty breathing and paralyzed from the neck down. He had sustained a C6 fracture and a spinal cord injury. The next nine weeks were spent in the University of Utah hospital. “Recovery is hard work,” Jedediah explains, “but being paralyzed isn’t the hardest battle I’ve had to fight”.

After a referral from a friend, Traci visited the Neuroworx facility and instantly knew it was the place for Jed. Right off the bat, therapist Matt Hansen announced that it was time to get Jed on his feet, and after many difficult weeks, Jed finally stood by his bride and gave her a kiss. “I absolutely love Neuroworx,” says Jed. “The people here have been a life-line for me. The therapists see things in me that I can’t see for myself.” He says the biggest distinguishing factor that sets Neuroworx apart is that “at Neuroworx, you’re a customer and a friend, not a patient.” Jedediah currently participates with Team Neuroworx and has just launched a motivational speaking career. He and Traci welcomed their 3rd daughter on November 16th.

At the Heart of Our Community are people like Jedediah Beckstead and organizations like Neuroworx, where their mission is to promote the rehabilitation of spinal cord injuries and other neurological conditions regardless of an individual’s ability to pay.

It’s what makes Our Community great!

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