LeandroBorn and raised in the agricultural land of La Huerta, Mexico, Leandro knew he wanted more for his family. He had learned basic farming skills from his father, but life was so hard. So he packed up his family and moved to the United States, eventually making his way to Salt Lake City in search of the American dream.

Leandro soon learned that life in the U.S. was hard as well. He tried his hand at multiple jobs including breeding and raising horses and working in a bakery but he dreamed of owning his own business. The problem was he didn’t know where to start. Then one day he heard a story on the radio about the Pete Suazo Business Center and called to make an appointment. “When I knew that there was an organization that would help me, my heart was filled with hope and desire to achieve the American dream.” He was assigned a mentor who ultimately led him to know that what he really wanted was to have his own farm.

With his mentor’s help Leandro did the necessary research to move ahead with his dream while he took advantage of the classes and seminars offered by the Center. Within six months he opened his dream business. Gaviños Agricultural Products LLC rents vacant lots and cultivates them with fresh produce that they then sell locally. The Pete Suazo center used to have to pay a company to keep the vacant lot behind them under control. Now they rent it to Leandro who grows pumpkins, tomatoes and corn.

“The Pete Suazo Business Center gave me the inspiration and tools to become a successful entrepreneur. They never gave me the solutions but they guided me to find them, and that is what I value the most!” He continued, “Now that I’m in my second year with this business. I’m very happy to report that my numbers are in the black and this past year was much better than the previous and I have the faith and determination that next year will exceed my expectations!”

At the Heart of Our Community are small business people like Leandro and organizations like the Pete Suazo Business Center, where the goal is to provide culturally enhanced business education to minority entrepreneurs. It’s what makes Our Community great!

For more information about the Pete Suazo Business Center, their programs, and information on how to volunteer or donate visit http://petesuazocenter.org/

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