ErnestErnest was 50 years old, just paroled from prison – for the 3rd time and he was desperate – again. How could he turn his life around when he had nothing? He regretted the mistakes that he had made along the way and was ready to change but the uphill battle seemed overwhelming. Even little things, like the fee for a copy of his birth certificate, felt insurmountable. Fortunately for Ernest things started to turn around when he started working with Cottages of Hope. In his words, “the way these wonderful people helped me believe in myself again, gave me my will and want to go there every day to do what needed to happen in order for me to get where I am now.”

Ernest has turned his life around. He got that birth certificate and his journeyman electrician license, as well as help with housing, financial assistance, a driver’s license, email and phone, not to mention the courage to build a life. He is currently working as a journeyman electrician with full time benefits. In his words, “in just a few short months, 3 to be exact, I have gone from an individual with nothing to someone with tremendous potential. I truly believe in myself again and that is worth more to me, my children, my family, and society as a whole.”

At the Heart of our Community are people like Ernest and organizations like the Cottages of Hope where the goal is “To provide meaningful, no-cost programs and services that help individuals and households realize their potential and achieve greater levels of financial stability.” Cottages of Hope truly gave Ernest the hope he needed to succeed. It’s what makes Our Community great!

Find out more information on Cottages of Hope or donate time or money visit Click the donate button to support people like Ernest.

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  1. Amen...God is good

    Amen…God is good….I am so proud of you and the choices that you have made…stay strong my brother on your journey…….

  2. Thanks to people who actually can see how difficult life can become and gain satisfaction in truly helping those in need. Great job Ernest! Hard work, you got this…

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