Jane Farr workingJane Farr was 64 years old when she and her husband decided to take on the task of building their long-awaited dream home – by themselves. They were excited, and had worked hard to move out of their basement apartment into the home of their dreams where they could host family and friends, especially her children when they came from the Philippines. Sadly just three days before groundbreaking Jane’s husband died.

Jane was devastated. That’s when Self-Help Homes stepped in.  Not a group to shy from difficult situations, Self-Help Homes teamed Jane with four other families who all worked together to build their homes with the support and guidance of the professionals at the organization.

“My husband was there in spirit, and I was blessed with kind supportive supervisors and four other families who understood my limitations,” Jane says as she completed the home which was inspired by her husband’s confidence, “I could say to all that it is never too late to dream!”

At the Heart of Our Community are people like Jane and organizations like Self-Help Homes which help people realize their dreams of home ownership by coordinating funding and resources.  It’s what makes our community great.

Jane and her daughter on move in day.

Jane and her daughter on move in day.

See Jane’s story at: http://blog.bankaf.com/2015/01/teachers-preachers-and-neighbors-build-their-own-homes/

For more information on Self-Help Homes or to volunteer your time to help visit http://www.selfhelphomes.org/

Donate to Self Help Homes at: http://www.selfhelphomes.org/donate

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